6 Methods To Convert Leads

Author: Dan The Marketeer
Date: May 30, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about leads, and in particular the six most effective ways to convert those leads into paying customers, which is, of course, the goal of acquiring leads in the first place.

So to start with, the first most effective method is actually relating to the lead magnet itself. So usually you would have some form of lead magnet and different kind of media and format designed to capture a lead in the first place. So it could be an ebook, it could be a guide, a video series, something physical. So just a few examples there.

So when people sign up for your lead magnet, what you need to be doing is on the thank you page, after they sign up for the lead magnet, what you want to be doing is not just saying thanks for getting the lead magnet, hope you enjoy it when it arrives via email or by post, if it's a physical lead magnet.

You want to say that as well as, in the meantime, why don't you check out this? Why don't you give this a try? You're asking them to take another action, which is getting them to convert. Not everyone will do that, but a percent as well. It is basically asking for more on the back.

You're basically trying to upsell on the back of the action they've taken. Similar to like McDonald's will always ask you if you want to upsize your meal or something like that. There's a very basic simple upsell. Because asking that question will get you more results than if you don't, simple as that.

So the second thing, the second most effective method of converting your leads, again, is around the lead magnet, but in particular the lead magnet itself. So if it was an ebook, you obviously want it full of content full of valuable information. But right at the end, you don't just want to sign off and say thanks for reading, thanks for listening, whatever your lead magnet is. You want to have a strong call to action that says, if you love this, if you got value from this, if you benefited from this, try and check out this, this other thing that I'm selling or offering you. So a strong call to action on the end of your lead magnet will also help you to convert your leads.

So what are the remaining four most effective methods to convert your leads?

So next we've got the email sequences. So usually you would capture your leads in a form or at least a first name and email and then you look to put them into an email sequence that warms these leads up further by giving them over content, videos, etc. And then promoting and offering them a product, a paid product or service on the back of that. So you definitely want an email sequence on the back of that, that offers a combination of free more valuable information and then an upsell related to that information and the value they got out of it.

So fourthly, another great way of converting them leads is by running webinars and events and offering your leads to attend them. So by getting people in an event room, whether physically or virtually, because that works just as well, by the way, as recent events with the pandemic has proven. But likewise, online webinars can work just as well. Getting them in a physical or virtual room in webinar or event format will work awesomely to give more value and convert and actually get sales out of your leads. So whether that is form of an email or a text sequence after somebody signs up as a lead and signs up for your lead magnet, push them into an event or webinar and you will convert a percentage of them 100%.

Fifthly, another great way to convert your leads would be to call them. So if you have a sales team or a follow up team that can call your leads. Now, this can work well as well, however, as I say usually at the minimum, you will have a first name and an email address when you're capturing leads, you will always be capturing phone numbers. So if you're not capturing phone numbers, then obviously getting a call in on them isn't possible. But what you could do is part of your follow up email sequence and inviting people to webinars and events. What you could then do is get people to sign up using their phone number as well and then you can utilize that later down the line.

So, the key, we have a number of these effective methods to convert your leads as you can use them in combination. And basically, essentially you want to use all of them, including the final one, number six.

Which is, putting all of your leads into a Facebook ad audience and then running ads to your leads from that. Now, the only caveat with that is Facebook ads will only allow you to run ads to an audience of at least 1000 or so people. And not every email that you capture will actually be linked to your Facebook profile. So I'd always recommend where do you had at least 1200 leads captured before you try and put them into an audience that you can then run ads to. But yeah, that's your sixth way of converting your leads into pain and third customers.

I hope that's been helpful – thanks for reading!


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