The 9 Key Components For Running Facebook Ads To Your Webinars, Events & Challenges

This guide is for you if you run Facebook Ads into events or webinars. This guide is also for you if you’re considering starting to run Facebook Ads into events or webinars. In our 5 years of experience in filling events and webinars, Facebook Ads have been BY FAR the BEST way to do this.

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That said, it’s taken us a lot of the last 5 years to master this. The potential results using Facebook Ads to fill your events and webinars are HUGE. But there’s a learning curve, a steep one. It’s not easy, and many businesses try and fail.

We spend 365 days a year managing Facebook Ads promoting webinars and events for clients. They're the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing on a night.

We know what it takes to run successful Facebook Ads for webinars and events. In total there are 9 key components of the ads you need to be aware of if you are successfully going to use them to promote webinars and events.
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Facebook Ads enable us (and can enable you) to provide 3 things

Quality registrants
In large numbers
AND do this consistently – webinar after webinar – event after event - challenge after challenge. Over and over.

Download your copy of our free guide

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