7 Reasons Why Your Cost Per Lead From FB Ads Is Too High… And How To Fix It Fast

This guide is for you if you run Facebook Ads and are sick and tired of having a high cost per lead. This guide is also for you if you’re looking to stabilize your FB Ads cost per lead, instead of having it fluctuate and change day-to-day.

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The fact is, getting a low cost per lead with Facebook Ads isn’t easy. There are so many factors, both internally and externally, that are constantly increasing advertisers cost per lead across the board… regardless of their industry, niche, audience and geographic targeting.

That said, it’s far from impossible to lower the cost per lead when you know how. And the power of being able to achieve this can not be overstated.

By lowering your cost per lead by even 10%, you can get way more leads for your ad spend or simply choose to spend less to get the same amount of leads. Either way, you get a greater return on your ad spend and investment… enabling rapid but consistent business growth.
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Download your copy of our free guide

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